Gantsi Craft is a community based non-governmental organisation (non-profit) in western Botswana, supporting indigenous San craft producers in 14 settlements across Ghanzi District and Kgalagadi North Sub District. Since 1983, Gantsi Craft has been supporting over 800 craft producers. The majority of these producers are women. 

Gantsi Craft exists to develop empowered, skilled and and self-reliant producers in each settlement. This is achieved through providing market driven income opportunities through craft production, by promoting and raising awareness of indigenous San identity and cultural heritage. 

Gantsi Craft is run by a board of trustees whose members are selected by producers from the settlements. The field staff are highly trained in producer group formation, product development, design and the procurement of high quality crafts. The craft that is purchased in the communities supplies the Gantsi Craft Shop as well as some wholesalers. 

Gantsi Craft is a registered Trust. The trust was registered 1988 under the Protocol Number 36/88 of the Notarial Deed of Trust in the Republic of Botswana.

© Gantsi Craft 2020 All human and animal rights carefully reserved and preserved. 

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