Our Strategy recognises the importance of fostering economic, social and health empowerment of the San people through capacity building and partnerships with rural communities, non-government organisations and international agencies promoting san culture and identity in a positive manner.


The Strategy works towards three of the four Botswana Vision 2036 Prosperity for all Pillars (Sustainable Economic Development, Human and Social Development, and Sustainable Environment) and six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (shown above). 



To have empowered, skilled and self-reliant producers in each settlement whose poverty has been reduced through craft production.


“To contribute to the empowerment to take charge of their own development. We aim to do this by providing income opportunities through craft production, by promoting and raising awareness about San identity and by capacity building. In doing so, we strive to be transparent, and to respect and honour the efforts of our producers.”


  • Show respect

  • Be transparent and open

  • Be honest with crafts, with money and with sharing what we think

  • Be trustworthy

  • Be self-motivated

  • Manage our time effectively


Goal 1: To significantly improve livelihoods through economic empowerment of Gantsi Craft communities through craft production, fair trade and securing resources and markets.

Goal 2: To promote San identity, cultural heritage, Community Based Natural Resource Management knowledge systems and practices within the San youth, and other sectors of society throughout Botswana and beyond.  

Goal 3: To raise awareness on gender issues, social ills (alcohol abuse, gender based violence) and community health issues (HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis) in Gantsi Craft target communities.


Goal 4: To strengthen the organizational capacity and financial security through of Gantsi Crafts for sustainable, efficient and effective service delivery.

Goal 5: To build long lasting partnerships and relationships with all stakeholders (internal and external) for the success of all aspects of Gantsi Craft.

Goal 6: To create a brand, quality and standard that is unique and recognized and promoted locally and internationally.

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