There are many areas in which you can share your skills towards enhancing a particular programme or to help us strengthen our organizational capacity and financial security for sustainable, efficient and effective service delivery, and enable us to reach our Strategic Goals. 


We are therefore looking for local and international volunteers to assist us with their many and diverse skills, that can contribute towards the programmes we implement and help build our organisational capacity (building human capacity, securing financial capacity, developing organization systems and strengthening Gantsi Craft governance structures). Skills we are looking for include craft design and development, quality assurance, marketing of crafts, fundraising, business management, building, accounting, certification and branding.


We have seen the exchange and transfer of skills, knowledge and experience enrich the lives of all involved. If you feel you could help us, please contact us to talk about sharing your skills.


While we do not run a volunteer programme and there is no charge to share your skills with us in a very practical way, and we hope that most skills now can be shared remotely (due to the COVID-19 restrictions) however, if you want to join us in Botswana we do expect you to cover your own expenses including airfares, transport, accommodation and living expenses, and arrange all logistics. We ask that volunteers are respectful of our Vision, Mission, Values and Goals and adopt a similar approach to how you transfer your skills and help us grow as an organisation. 

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