There are three main challenges that Gantsi Craft is working towards addressing. These include the loss of San culture and identity, poverty and marginalisation, and social ills and domestic violence. All of these are interlinked and our programmes (presented  below) are designed around addressing these needs. 

Our main approach is to work with craft producers in our 14 target communities in Ghanzi and northern Kgalagadi. We identify and train interested and skilled producers in traditional San craft production through holding a series of workshops and monitoring visits which are held in producers’ home settlements. This reduces costs, and promotes transparency and buy-in. Training workshops are held to pass on traditional and new designs to new producers (encouraging the youth to learn their cultural heritage and traditions) and to ensure standards are kept by the existing producers. This acts as a means of quality control so that crafts are consistently produced to a high quality. This is key to be able to sell the products. The workshops are also used as a forum to discuss gender issues, social ills and community health issues that face women and therefore impact on their families. 

Gantsi Craft staff purchase crafts from the producers directly at an agreed, transparent rate. Money is paid immediately at exchange to the producers (there and then) to ensure that the producers are not out of pocket. This is either during the training workshop visits, or producers come to Ghanzi town under their own means to sell directly to the Gantsi Craft shop (located in the middle of Ghanzi town).

Gantsi Craft sources and obtains all the raw materials required from SA and in Gaborone. Gantsi Craft bares the costs of these. These include the ostrich egg shell, string, earring hooks, etc.

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San Culture & Identity

To promote San identity, cultural heritage, natural resource management knowledge systems and practices. The focus is within the San youth throughout Botswana to build self-esteem and pride within the San community. One focus is through the promotion and documentation of culture and traditional practices through a living museum.


 Economic empowerment

To significantly improve livelihoods through economic empowerment of our communities through craft production, registering as fair trade and securing sustainable resources and markets. We continue to work through the craft producers and conduct ongoing trainings for new and old designs, quality and standardization.


Women’s empowerment & health

To raise awareness on gender issues, social ills (alcohol abuse, domestic violence) and community health issues (HIV/AIDS, TB) in our target communities. We work with NGOs and other key partners who are sector specialists in these areas to provide us with materials for our workshops.